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Actress Laurene Landon has starred in over 20 feature films produced by top Hollywood studios. She has worked with award-winning TV/film producers, directors and international feature film productions. Laurene has starred in many action-adventure, comedy and dramtic films and is a much sought-after actress for her versatility as a dramatic and comedic talent and her daring sense of adventure. Laurene is very athletic and has performed many of her own stunts including horseback riding, sword-fighting, wrestling, leaping from tall buildings and dangling between horses on a high-speed stagecoach chase.

Actress Laurene Landon has appeared in many feature films and television series starring with celebrities such as Peter Graves, Armand Assante, Michael Moriarty, and more. She has been privileged to work under the direction of legendary filmmakers such as Robert Aldrich, Larry Cohen and was a friend of Marlon Brando.

Laurene's stunning beauty, talent, tall height and spontenaity make her a joy to watch onscreen and account for her being box-office gold. Her portrayal of numerous demanding roles has enabled her to command the respect of her peers in the film industry and develop a huge, devoted fan base; in fact, many of her films, such as "Hundra" have become cult classics. Laurene is also an award-winning writer and has written many screenplays and Public Service Annoucements. She is also an advocate for animal rescue and encourages you to adopt a pet from your local shelter.

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